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We also liked that its app lets you set up custom motion zones.

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They are crooks!I am in Duval County, and I was approached by them the end of last April.

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If you're going to keep most of your copy in English, make sure to write .

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dallas security system

Sounded great because Pinnacle wasn't living up to there contract. I cancelled with Pinnacle and received a final bill and faxed it to Silverline. I get a phone call later that week from Silverline asking me if I kept the old equipment, because they were not going to pay Pinnacle off and I needed to go back with them. What are you serious?They charged me two months of service and Pinnacle wants me to pay them two months of service to get reinstated. What a mess!So after a couple calls I managed to get my money back from Silverline!Beware of these tactics, make sure you call you're existing security provider first before making any changes!Yes, I agree it is a SCAM. They targeted my elderly mother, who had ADT signs in her yard AND a no solicitations sign on BOTH of her front doors.

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When someone rings the doorbell, it activates the doorbell camera.

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